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As a farmer or rancher, you put your heart and soul into what you do. Sunup to sundown, you plant, harvest, care for your livestock, and so much more. Your farm is your livelihood and you don’t want anything taking that away from you. That’s where farm and ranch insurance comes in.

At Mountain Plains Agency, we can help you build a policy that protects you and your farm from pollution liability, bodily injury suits, equipment failure, and so much more. Read on to learn more about farm and ranch insurance, and when you are ready to get started, reach out to our team of helpful insurance agents in Fort Collins today.

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Farm and ranch insurance can help protect your livelihood by providing pollution liability insurance. At Mountain Plains Agency, we understand that you do everything you can to use fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides in a responsible manner, but occasionally unexpected incidents can occur.

Pollution liability insurance can cover instances such as damage to a neighbor’s property due to an overspray of chemicals, damage to property or bodily injury caused by pollution incidents, illness of a neighbor due to contaminated water from fertilizers used on your farm, and other pollution-related incidents.

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Farm and ranch liability coverage can protect you in the event that someone sues you for damages or injuries related to harvesting. This can include bodily injury to your employees while harvesting, protection from incidents on pick-your-own farms where you allow customers to choose their own fruit or veggies, liability for road-side stands and farmer’s markets, and more. Farm and ranch insurance policies can be built to meet your specific needs depending on how you harvest and where you sell your goods.

 Image of a tractor in a field that could be protected by farm and ranch insurance.

Building & Equipment

Farming requires the use of expensive, specialized equipment. This equipment is essential to the success of the farm, as are the buildings on the farm. With building and equipment insurance, you’ll be covered in the event that a tractor, planter, or other equipment breaks down. Farm and ranch insurance can also protect your buildings that are so essential to the day-to-day operation of your farm. Each policy can be customized so that you only pay for the coverage that your farm needs.

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Workers’ Compensation

As a farmer, one of the few things that is more important than your equipment, buildings, and harvest are your employees. Farm and ranch insurance can also cover your employees in the event that they become injured on the job. This insurance will protect you from being sued, as well as help your employee find the proper medical care that they need and possibly provide them with temporary income while they heal from their injuries.

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Farm and ranch insurance can help you to protect your farm, your employees, your harvest, and your livelihood. Learn more about how to build the ideal farm and insurance policy for you from the team at Mountain Plains Agency in Fort Collins.

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