1. How Ranch Insurance Protects Your Property

    Welcome to Mountain Plains Agency, Inc.  As a farmer or rancher, you put your heart and soul into what you do. Sunup to sundown, you plant, harvest, care for your livestock, and so much more. Your farm is your livelihood and you don’t want anything taking that away from you. That’s where farm a…Read More

  2. Our Featured Insurance Policies

    Welcome to Mountain Plains Agency, Inc.  At Mountain Plains Agency, we are a locally owned and operated insurance agency and have been serving Fort Collins and the surrounding areas in Northern Colorado since 2005. We also have offices in Nebraska and Kansas. We are dedicated to providing quality i…Read More

  3. What Is Covered by Business Insurance?

    Congrats on starting your new venture! As a new business owner, you may be new to the world of business insurance and have some questions. Namely, beyond the forms of business insurance that are required by law, such as worker’s comp and commercial auto insurance, what types of business insurance …Read More

  4. Professional Liability Insurance Essentials

    In our previous blog, we covered the different types of insurances your small business could benefit from. One of the insurance types we mentioned was professional liability insurance. We went over what this type of insurance provides a small business owner, but we figured the topic could use a more…Read More

  5. How a Business Insurance Agency Can Help You

    If you’re a small business owner in Northern Colorado, chances are you have come across some situations where you are either glad you had insurance coverage for your business, or you wish you had insurance coverage for your business. Whether you are an IT consulting firm, a marketing company, or j…Read More

  6. What is a Life Insurance Annuity?

    The future is uncertain. It always has been, and it will most likely remain that way. There are certain steps you can take to plan for the future, steps that protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen circumstances. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a life insurance policy. If yo…Read More

  7. Tips For Filing Auto Insurance Claims

    Imagine this: you’ve been saving your pennies for years with the goal of buying a brand new Ford Explorer, and you’ve finally got the funds to make it happen! But sadly, just weeks after buying your dream vehicle, you walk outside to find that it has been side-swiped on your neighborhood street …Read More

  8. 5 Ways To Protect Your Farm

      Whether farming is your hobby or occupation, there’s something deeply rewarding about the trade. For those who farm as an occupation, nothing makes you realize just how precarious and vulnerable your livelihood is as crop or cattle damage is caused by some event out of your control. For these r…Read More

  9. Signs That It’s Time Update Your Homeowners Insurance

    Chances are that when you took out your mortgage, your lender required you to also sign up for a homeowners insurance policy. If you are saying to yourself, “Oh, that’s right!” don’t be alarmed. If you haven’t thought about this policy since then, this is fairly common. However, it is impo…Read More